Talisker 10 year

Note to self: the Talisker 10 year tastes like an ash tray. I suppose I could get used to Scotch this smoky, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort.

2009 Thomas Henry Pinot Noir

2009 Thomas Henry Pinot Noir
10 Bottles of Ringboree

Disappointing. $14 for a Pinot that was completely uninteresting. It tasted like a red wine. It had no finish, and no striking aromas. This only gets a 10 because the company was wonderful. Apparently one has to spend a lot more on a Pinot for it to be worthwhile.

If I'm wrong, please direct me to a Pinot that's worth drinking in the $15 range.

2004 Marqués de Riscal Rioja

2004 Herederos del Marqués de Riscal Rioja.
38 Bottles of Ringboree

Yes, 38. I don't usually give anything a score that high, unless there's a good reason. And the good reason is usually that I've found something unexpected and delightful in the wine.

This one had an aroma of freshly tanned leather, like that leather mailbag that you just got mail-order from south america, or the wonderful hand-stitched pouch that my brother brought me from Paraguay, or a brand-new leather jacket. Yeah, that smell. Pretty amazing. That, by itself, earned it the high score.

But it was also delightful to drink, with flavors of blackberries, freshly turned earth, and freshly cut grass. Amazing. Amazing by itself, and amazing with home-made fajitas.

I think we paid about $16 for this.

2008 Franciscan Chardonnay

2008 Franciscan Chardonnay
Napa, California
33 bottles of Ringboree

We had this with snow crab, which makes any wine better. The fruit and the butter was drawn out beautifully by the sweet crab and the drawn butter. It was very fruity - melons and pineapples - but not overly sweet.

A little pricier than we tend to spend for Chardonnay - it was a gift - but probably priced about right for the value.

Highly recommended. Will try to get this one again.

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