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Egan’s 10yr Irish

Dec 11 whiskey Advent calendar.

Egan’s 10 year old Irish whiskey.

Nose: lemon and tons of honey. A hint of cumin?

Taste: more honey and orange. Peppery bite on the tongue. Long orange/honey finish that goes on for ages.

Pepper intensifies as it continues to open up. Yummy.

Darkness 8yo single malt

December 10th entry in this year’s whiskey Advent calendar which just arrived today.

Pineapple, leather, and old books in the nose. Weirdly, smells like a used bookstore. A little dusty.

Taste: a hint of orange peel. Pepper. Salt and sea air. Something bitter and undefinable.

The color is kind of a pale gold.

It has a long finish that tastes like chewing on a stick. Possibly a pencil. There is something mineral about the finish.

With a spot of water, there’s a weird citrus and herbal aroma that emerges, which is very familiar but I can’t quite place it. Finally at the very end butterscotch and caramel emerged very prominently, but only when I only had a sip left.

Il Poggione Rosso di montalcino 2018

Earthy, leathery, and slightly yeasty at first but opening up with flowers and grass after a few minutes. It leaves me wondering if I like it. I shall come back to this in a glass or two. …


Well it’s growing on me but it’s still not a favorite. It’s just a little thin and a bit tart. 25 bottles of ringboree I think.