Day 5: Noble Oak

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This one is an Ohio bourbon.

This was a bit weird since the most prominent aroma was dill pickle. The flavor was great – lots of oaky vanilla and leather. But the aroma was kind of off-putting. With just a touch of water it softened and bloomed with the more woody oaky aroma.

I would very much like to try this more.

Day 4: Starward

Day four on the whiskey advent calendar is Starward. Two fold Australian double green whiskey.

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It tastes like a rye to me with just a little bit of the bourbon corniness. It’s got a lovely spice. And I’m smelling maybe pineapple in the nose but it’s a little hard to tell. Anyway it’s something tropical fruity.

I definitely would be interested in trying this again. Very yummy.

Day 1: Wyoming whiskey small batch bourbon

Day one is a Wyoming whiskey small batch bourbon. The booklet promised caramel, vanilla cream, butter, and floral.

It’s a lovely pale gold color. The nose is grassy and a touch perfumey. I do indeed smell the butter and caramel. Not so much the vanilla.

It is a bourbon, so it has a bit of the corn flavor, but not as strong as in some bourbons. So I guess that means that they were heavier on the barley.

Anyways, it is very nice, and a great start to what I’m sure will be a wonderful month.

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30 Bottles Of Whiskey

I’ve wanted one of these – a Whisk(e)y Advent calendar – for years, but this is the first year that Kentucky has permitted shipping whiskey into the state. So, I’m pretty excited about this! Hopefully I’ll post one of the bottles each day until Christmas. Stay tuned!