(Dec 1) Sagamore Spirit Rye

Day one of my advent calendar for 2023 (I’m getting a late start because I was traveling).

The vial itself is unlabeled so I tried it before knowing what it was. My first impressions were the mint, dill, and pepper that I associate with a rye, so I think that my first whiskey is an American rye.

The first taste was like an old fashioned. I always have my old-fashions with rye. And there was the hint of orange and lots of pepper.

Looking in the notebook that came with the Advent calendar I see that this is a sagamore Rye. So I was right.

There is also a YouTube channel that comes with this Advent calendar. Here is the recording for this particular whiskey. Last year they had written notes, which I rather prefer, but this was interesting. This dude tasted all sorts of things that I did not. So hopefully I can learn something from him.