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Day 9: Whistlepig PiggyBack Rye

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This is the first one that I’ve tried before. It has the usual spicy rye flavors but I’m not finding any of the promised aromas mentioned in the website. Maybe cinnamon. Definitely black pepper. And something floral but I can’t place it. Like a rose maybe?

If I’m really looking for it I can find the cardamom aroma which is fascinating. As always I wonder how much of this is power of suggestion.

Update: towards the end it developed that lovely butter and leather that I live so much about whiskey. I really should wait to the end to write these things.

Day 6: Penelope Bourbon

Penelope Indiana bourbon – barrel strength.

I think this is probably the nicest one yet. Orange in the nose, black cherry in the mouth. (I always wonder how much the tasting notes website influences me but I came up with these on my own and it agrees with the website.)

It does have a little bit of a weird aftertaste that I’m having trouble placing. I think it’s just the corn in the bourbon.

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Day 5: Noble Oak

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This one is an Ohio bourbon.

This was a bit weird since the most prominent aroma was dill pickle. The flavor was great – lots of oaky vanilla and leather. But the aroma was kind of off-putting. With just a touch of water it softened and bloomed with the more woody oaky aroma.

I would very much like to try this more.

Day 4: Starward

Day four on the whiskey advent calendar is Starward. Two fold Australian double green whiskey.

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It tastes like a rye to me with just a little bit of the bourbon corniness. It’s got a lovely spice. And I’m smelling maybe pineapple in the nose but it’s a little hard to tell. Anyway it’s something tropical fruity.

I definitely would be interested in trying this again. Very yummy.